Mirka is the world leader in surface finishing technology and offers a wide range of innovative quality sanding & dust extraction tools. But what makes Mirka so good?

– Mirka invented net sanding, setting up for a 20 year development head start
– mYMirka is a revolutionary app for monitoring & tracking your daily vibration exposure
– Mirka is ENTIRELY made in Finland (even Made in USA products may get their motors made in China)
– The Core of any Mirka new tool development is it must be dust free
– Tools are designed from the end user, not “this is how it is”
– They are internationally design award winning tools

Click here for information on the Mirka 2+1 warranty as well as a list of Mirka Approved Warranty Repairers.


The best sanding tools in the world, Mirka was the pioneer of net sanding and master of dustless sanding. With a range of innovative tools of the highest quality and standard, Mirka sanders are lighter, quieter, and more ergonomic than competitors, and of course dustless.


Mirka's POLARSHINE polishing compounds are developed for demanding polishing operations in any applications where a high gloss end result is important. The range consists of polishing and finishing compounds from course to fine, ideal when combined with Mirka polishers and pads.

Dust Extraction

As the leaders in dustless sanding, it stands to reason that Mirka put a lot of emphasis into their dust extractors. These work in perfect harmony with Mirka sanding tools to ensure a completely dust free sanding enviroment.