A Quality Finish from Start to End

Starting with just one scraper, Sequence has been partnering with the Australian paint specialty sector for almost 50 years. This close partnership has been built through deep ongoing conversations with painters, paint shops, and the big paint manufacturers around what tools the industry needs. Throughout the years, the Sequence philosophy is to build the right tool, at the right price, for the right job.

Whether it’s an economical, just-in-case tool for that occasional need or a premium, built-to-last tool to be used and abused and come back just as strong, Sequence listens to what painter’s actually need.


Born to create and distribute the most relevant tools to the Paint Specialty market, Sequence tools offer ranges that suit all jobs and price points.


With a range designed specifically around painters, SequenceSafe PPE products are here to help painters come home to their families safely, every day.

Sequence Workwear

White workwear for painters, Sequence Workwear offers comfort, style, and longevity to painters who just need something better to wear.

Sequence Abrasives

All Sequence sandpaper is manufactured in Europe by Klingspor to the highest world standards. the Anti-Crack Technology means easier sanding and much less frustration.

Designed for use in Trade where the highest quality, built-to-last tool is desired for the best end result.

Designed for use as entry-level Trade or premium DIY where a quality tool is desired for a great end result.

Designed for use as quick-life Trade or entry-level DIY where a value centric tool is desired to get the job done.

A built-for-purpose, solvent resistant, Industrial application tool. Tec tools vary on built-to-last or short-life depending on the job.