Mirka® Interfaces

Mirka’s Interfaces are used for sanding rounded surfaces and contours in combination with grip sanding abrasives. Using an interface will also produce a softer result. The Interface is placed between the backing pad and the abrasive.


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    Product Code Suits Size Pack Size Barcode Image
    8295500111 DEROS 125x10mm 5 6416868941197 Coming Soon
    8295600111 DEROS 150x10mm 5 6416868941203 Coming Soon
    8299701011 DEOS 70x198x10mm 5 6416868944266 Coming Soon
    8299501011 DEOS 81x133x10mm 5 6416868948493 Coming Soon
    MIW9514611 LEROS 225mm 1 6416868319569 Coming Soon
    MIW9534611 LEROS 225mm 3 6416868933543 Coming Soon
    8295912111 DEOS DELTA 100x152x152mm 1 6416868939224 Coming Soon

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    DEOS 70x198mm, DEOS 81x133mm, DEOS DELTA 100x152x152mm, DEROS 125mm (Med), DEROS 150mm (Med), LEROS 225mm, LEROS 225mm 3pk