Mirka® Pad Savers

Mirka’s pad savers are designed to protect the backing pad from wear and tear, when sanding aggressively and continuously with net products. These cost effective pad savers, placed between the backing pad and the sanding sheet, should be changed regularly. The pad savers prolong the life of the backing pad.


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    Product Code Suits Size Pack Size Barcode Image
    8295511011 DEROS 125mm 5 6416868949513 Coming Soon
    8295610111 DEROS 150mm 5 6416868941234 Coming Soon
    8299702011 DEOS 70x198mm 5 6416868925739 Coming Soon
    8299502011 DEOS 81x133mm 5 6416868947489 Coming Soon
    MIW9535011 LEROS 225mm 1 6416868935370 Coming Soon
    8295912111 DEOS DELTA 100x152x152mm 1 6416868939224 Coming Soon

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    DEOS 70x198mm, DEOS 81x133mm, DEOS DELTA 100x152x152mm, DEROS 125mm (Med), DEROS 150mm (Med), LEROS 225mm