OLFA SK-8 Always-Retract Safety Knife

The OLFA SK-8 is an automatic blade retracting safety knife built for maximum safety on the job site. The advanced blade retraction system on these knives means the blade can be drawn, then used to cut, then will automatically retract when losing contact with the cutting surface – this cannot be overridden, providing unparalleled workplace safety. OLFA’s high quality design means the body of these knives is resistant to rust as well as resilient to being beaten around on the job. OLFA’s market leading blades as well as the knife design results in unparalleled sharpness for longer, meaning easier and safer cutting with less grip or drag. It’s easy to see why OLFA knives are compared to samurai swords of ancient Japan.

  • Automatic blade retracting system returns the blade to the safety of its sheath as soon as the blade loses contact with the cutting surface.
  • Blade is able to be flipped so the knife can be used comfortably both in the right and left hands.
  • Aluminium end cap eliminates rust and increases durability.
  • Advanced sliding mechanism results in the blade never rubbing, significantly increasing lifespan.
  • High grade ABS plastic body is resistant to heat, weather, and many chemicals.
  • Curved ergonomic body with anti-slip, cushioned grip to increase comfort and control.
  • Yellow colour to increase visibility.
  • Lanyard hole cast in the body to keep knife secure.
  • Easy blade change for quick and safe loading from the centre.
  • Preloaded with a high quality OLFA SKB-8 18mm Blade.
  • Smithed in Japan with the same care and attention to quality as samurai swords of the past.


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