Rokset Gem Precision Brush

These high performance brushes consist of a premium SRT filament blend, making them suitable for both oil and water-based paints. This blend finds the Goldilocks zone between stiff and soft, as well as maximising Pick-Up & Release and leaving a very smooth finish. The heavy duty stainless steel ferrule adds extra durability and rust resistance. The handle is a non-varnished finish for those who prefer a fuller feel after the brush swells in the hand while working.

  • Premium filament blend for great Pick-Up & Release, very smooth finish, and optimal stiff/soft balance.
  • Ideal for both water-based and oil-based paints, retaining wet stiffness and performance in both.
  • Extreme durability strengthened with a 2-piece aluminium ferrule insert to assure no lose filament.
  • Stainless steel ferrule eliminates rust increasing robustness and lifespan.
  • Unvarnished hardwood handle swells lightly to give a fuller feel and grabbier grip.


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    Brush type Product Code Ctn Qty Size Barcode Image
    Sash Cutter 23141 6 38mm 9313441023141 Coming Soon
    23158 6 50mm 9313441023158 Download
    23165 6 63mm 9313441023165 Download
    33089 6 75mm 9313441033089 Coming Soon
    Angled Sash Cutter 33096 6 38mm 9313441033096 Download
    33102 6 50mm 9313441033102 Download
    33119 6 63mm 9313441033119 Coming Soon
    33126 6 75mm 9313441033126 Coming Soon
    Wall Brush 23080 6 25mm 9313441023080 Download
    23097 6 38mm 9313441023097 Download
    23103 6 50mm 9313441023103 Download
    23110 6 63mm 9313441023110 Download
    33127 6 75mm 9313441023127 Download
    33133 6 88mm 9313441033133 Download