Rokset Pro Heavy Bucket, Lid, & Grid

These professional grade heavy duty paint buckets include a durable steel handle and come with a detachable grid, a solid lid which clips to the bucket, and doubles as a splatter guard.

  • Durable steel handle for safe transportation when full.
  • Includes a detachable lid to avoid paint skimming.
  • Includes a detachable contoured ramp to allow for the bucket to be used as both a roller bucket and regular bucket.


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    Product Code Ctn Qty Size Type Barcode Image
    30781 5 330mm Bucket, Ramp/Grid, & Lid 9313441030781 Coming Soon
    30798 5 520mm Bucket, Ramp/Grid, & Lid 9313441030798 Coming Soon
    30828 5 330mm Lid 9313441030828 Coming Soon
    30835 5 520mm Lid 9313441030835 Coming Soon
    30804 5 330mm Ramp/Grid 9313441030804 Coming Soon
    30811 5 520mm Ramp/Grid 9313441030811 Coming Soon
    34666 5 330mm Decking Grid 9313441034666 Coming Soon

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    330mm, 520mm


    Bucket & Lid, Lid, Grid, Decking Grid