Rokset Pro Seamless Foam Roller Cover


Ideal for when a very fine finish is desired on smaller, smooth surface areas, such as doors, cupboards, and similar. Ideal for use with semi-gloss and gloss paints, as well as Industrial coatings.

  • High quality, blue open-cell polyurethane foam material does not shred any fibre and gives a smoother overall finish.
  • High density (30) foam makeup ensures transfer from the roller to the painting surface leads to the finest possible finish.
  • Rounded edges of the roller resistant to leaving seams as rolling, thereby minimising effort to correctly cover surfaces.
  • Phenolic core creates a very strong structure, highly resistant to crushing and miss-shaping.
  • Epoxy bonded core creates an exceptionally strong bond between the Foam and the core, while the 1 piece foam ensures no pealing.
  • End tin cap increases structure strength of the core, as well as eliminating related paint spills.

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    180mm, 230mm, 270mm

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