Sequence Ace Pre-Taped Masking Film

Unfolds outwards to increase ease of application and reduce wrestling.

Statically charged to grip onto surfaces being masked and reduce flapping.

60-day clean removal green washi tape to allow for easy and clean pull up when the job is done.

8 micro thickness to gives good durability and rip resistance.


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    Product Code Ctn Qty Width Length Type Barcode Image
    38138 24 650mm 33M With Dispenser 9313441038138 Coming Soon
    38107 24 650mm 33M Refill 9313441038107 Coming Soon
    38121 24 1800mm 33M With Dispenser 9313441038121 Coming Soon
    38091 24 1800mm 33M Refill 9313441038091 Coming Soon
    38114 24 2700mm 17M With Dispenser 9313441038114 Coming Soon
    38084 24 2700mm 17M Refill 9313441038145 Coming Soon

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    650mm x 33M, 1800mm x 33M, 2700mm x 17M


    Refill, With Dispenser