Initially manufacturing and supplying paintbrushes as S L Prince & Co in 1923, over the years Rokset expanded into a broad range of paint applicators and accessories to paint companies, paint specialists, and industrial markets in Australia and overseas. The company name was changed to Rokset Brush Co. in July 1939 just prior to the outbreak of World War 2.

Rokset was the first company, not only in Australia but worldwide, to experiment with and adopt the use of epoxy resin rather than vulcanised rubber to set bristle into the paintbrush ferrule and handle; a major breakthrough used by manufacturers worldwide today. This nail-less paintbrush and resin technology was marketed as “hard as rock setting”, hence the name ROK-SET.


In 2020 Rokset joined forces with Sequence Australia, another 50 year old institution of the Australian Painting landscape. SequenceRokset Consolidated (SRC) was born and with it over 140 years of combined experience and reliability. SRC now supplies some of the most sought after products to industries across Australia, including Paint Specialty, Industrial, and Hardware markets. SRC is renowned for excellent service proven by a plethora of Supplier of the Year awards from some of Australia’s biggest companies and buying groups.


Starting with just one scraper, Sequence has been partnering with the Australian paint specialty sector for almost 50 years. This close partnership has been built through deep ongoing conversations with painters, paint shops, and the big paint manufacturers around what tools the industry needs. Throughout the years, the Sequence philosophy is to build the right tool, at the right price, for the right job.

Whether it’s an economical, just-in-case tool for that occasional need or a premium, built-to-last tool to be used and abused and come back just as strong, Sequence listens to what painter’s actually need.

Born to create and distribute the most relevant tools to the Paint Specialty market, Sequence tools offer ranges that suit all jobs and price points.

With a range designed specifically around painters, SequenceSafe PPE products are here to help painters come home to their families, every day

White workwear for painters, Sequence Workwear offers comfort, style, and longevity to painters who just need something better to wear.

One of the only ever brush companies to historically manufacture brushes in Australia. Opening factory doors in 1923, Rokset went on to revolutionise the design and manufacture of brushes in Australia. Over the years, Australia’s Painting & Industrial sectors have worked with Rokset to design trade specific brushes and rollers making work easier and with better results. With these insights along with studying traditional handmade brush making techniques, Rokset brushes incorporate the best features into their brushes.

Rokset still lives up to its long and deep history of supplying the best brushes, rollers, and accessories to Australia. Just talk to any Australian painter and they’ll know Rokset quality brushes.




Making it possible to perform better

With decades of experience, Mirka Ltd is a world leader in surface finishing technology. Through SequenceRokset Consolidated, Mirka offers a wide range of solutions for surface finishing and precision sanding. Specialising in total solutions in which the abrasives are supplemented by Mirka’s innovatively designed machines and polishing compounds, Mirka is Decicated to the Finish.

True Dust Free Sanding

Better results, faster

Design Winning Innovation

Bring the Spirit of the Samurai to the Workplace

OLFA’s high quality design means the body of these knives are resistant to rust as well as extremely resilient to being beaten around on the job. OLFA’s market leading blades as well as the knife design result in unparalleled sharpness for longer, meaning easier and safer cutting with less grip or drag. It’s easy to see why OLFA knives are compared to the samurai swords of ancient Japan.

Perfect Balance

Simple Technological Brilliance

Unparalleled Sharpness

Industrial strength textured fabric allows for 1 way transfer of grime while the low alcohol antibacterial & antiviral formula made with 4x skin conditioners nourishes & protects the skin.

This hardworking compact caulking gun is built to take up less room in a tool box. It is especially good for tight spaces and is light weight and rust free. Watch the tube split out the end, ready for trimming.

The highest utility caulks & fillers are made with the highest quality US manufacturing techniques. Red Devil’s manufacturing facilities are state-of-the-art, ensuring a consistent product every time.

Handy Products is founded on the idea of “there’s gotta be a better way”. What began as a coffee can and some duct tape has evolved into an iconic lineup of favorites among professionals and DIYers.