The Mark of a Proper Painter

One of the only ever brush companies to historically manufacture brushes in Australia. Opening factory doors in 1923, Rokset went on to revolutionise the design and manufacture of brushes in Australia.

Over the years, Australia’s Painting & Industrial sectors have worked with Rokset to design trade specific brushes and rollers making work easier and with better results. With these insights along with studying traditional handmade brush making techniques, Rokset brushes incorporate the best features into their brushes.

Rokset still lives up to its long and deep history of supplying the best brushes, rollers, and accessories to Australia. Just talk to any Australian painter and they’ll know Rokset quality brushes.

Rokset Pinnacle

The Peak of Paint Brush Technology,
without the Peak Price.

After much development and testing with painters, we developed the Rokset Pinnacle. Tests show this decorators brush outperforms other premium priced brushes on Pick-up & Release, while giving the same top quality finish. And all for 2/3rds of the price.

Rokset Precision

Precise Performance,
Robin Hood Price.

For cost sensitive painters who still want great performance. The Rokset Precision is crafted with the same premium filament blend as the Pinnacle, meaning it's top of its own class and still able to outperform many other premium priced brushes.

Rokset Performance

Low cost

Created for the painter who want's a quick-life brush which will still perform up to a good standard for the time it's being used. This brush isn't to be equated with it's high performing, long-life siblings, but instead serves a very special purpose. Quick, good, low cost.

Designed for use in Trade where the highest quality, built-to-last tool is desired for the best end result.

Designed for use as entry-level Trade or premium DIY where a quality tool is desired for a great end result.

Designed for use as quick-life Trade or entry-level DIY where a value centric tool is desired to get the job done.

A built-for-purpose, solvent resistant, Industrial application tool. Tec tools vary on built-to-last or short-life depending on the job.